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Antique Shops- Treasures on West, Port Colborne Ontario

Treasures on West at 234 West Street in downtown Port Colborne is one of my favorite Ontario antique shops. I visit it often in the summer as it is only a 15 minute drive from my cottage.

It’s picturesque location at the edge of the Welland shipping canal adds to the overall charm of the visit.

My kids don’t mind going to Treasures because they can watch ocean going ships from the St. Lawrence Seaway System pass under the lift bridge. And even more importantly, it is located right next door to a candy shop!

Rick and Sue’s taste in “pickings” is well developed and they really try to have a little of something for everyone and the prices are very affordable.

What I love about this shop is that they have tons of furniture but also lots of quirky “smalls”. I always, always find something to buy here.

Here are Rick and Sue loading a gorgeous bow front dresser into my car. I love to give them a hard time by calling them good cop and bad cop. Sue is bad cop because she doesn’t like to part with things and Rick is good cop because he just wants to get rid of stuff so he can buy more. Oh, and can you tell Sue doesn’t like her picture taken? (Sorry Sue,had to do it.)

If you are ever in the Niagara region, try to pay them a visit, you’ll be glad you did. Be sure to say Teresa from Toronto sent you.

Treasures on West
234 West Street
Port Colborne ON

L3K 4E3

(905) 964-2822

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Beach House Sneak Peak

Here is a preview of some of the shots from the Style at Home photo shoot that will appear in the magazine next summer.

Even before flea markets, my first love was of fabric and I almost always use it as a jumping off point when decorating a room. I found this wonderful, crazy patchwork quilt at Urban Outfitters and used it to grow the entire decorating scheme of this room.

The vintage oil painting is from my favorite antique shop in Florida, Shi & Erhard in Lake Worth.

This working stone fireplace is original to the cottage.

Here the heavily carved sofa, a refurbished Craigslist find, strikes a pose against a backdrop of my kid’s framed artwork.

My husband bought the 1960’s rosewood stereo and we listen to corny radio stations on it that we would normally never listen to just because. I bought the teak turntable just for looks. Is it nuts to spend $80 on something that doesn’t work just because it looks good?
I say no.

Lots of chicken curry gets served up to guests seated around my  husband as he plays  Master of Ceremonies on this cooktop in the middle of the kitchen. By the way, when we bought the cottage he said I could decorate however I wanted to as long as I gave him a decent kitchen. (Mission accompished.)

In the background there is a chalkboard wall. Kids and adults alike find it hard to resist picking up a piece of chalk and drawing a picture or writing a message as they pass it.

I found this groovy bedspread at Urban Outfitters and again used it as inspiration for the entire room. It makes me really happy that there are red poppy drawer pulls on the dresser that match the red poppy print in the bedspread.

The magazine didn’t shoot the bathroom, I think they felt it wasn’t colourful enough, but I think it’s beautiful. So I’m putting a picture of it here for you to see. I bought this antique cabinet from one of my pickers and converted it into a vanity.

That completes the tour of my beach house. Now just looking forward to seeing it come out in the magazine next year.

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Style at Home Photo Shoot-Behind the Scenes

I love my beach house on Long Beach on Lake Erie and I’m very proud of the renovating and decorating I’ve done in it over the past 4 years.
So much so that I decided to present some scouting pictures to Erin Mc Laughlin, editor of Canada’s Style at Home magazine. Low and behold, a few weeks later I got a phone call telling me that they would like to shoot the cottage for a summer issue.  I was so exited the night before the shoot. I stayed up until 1:00 in the morning doing some styling and couldn’t get to sleep until at least 2:00.

Above is a shot of the screened in porch early in the morning. This room is the  best place in the world to have breakfast.

The photographer Angus and his camera assistant arrived at around 8:30 am

and began setting up.

Stylist Ann-Marie Favot arrived shortly after with a huge bucket of flowers and loads of great props for the shoot. I was so impressed with her preparedness and attention to detail throughout the shoot.

Here is a little vignette we styled on the deck with my 7 year old daughter Macy and her friend Julia. Of course my dog Mona somehow manages to get herself into almost every shot. And yes, that is a bowl of Cheesies on the table. We needed orange props  so in they went.

This tight shot sums up the mood of the shoot. A little bit fun, a little bit retro and a little beachy, a shoot where it’s OK to style with Cheesies!

Keep an eye out for my next blog post where I’ll be giving you a sneak peak at some of the shots that will appear in a summer 2012 issue of Style at Home.

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Before and After Furniture Makeover-Chintz Chair

The Frame and padding on this chair are in good condition but the fabric is very outdated and dingy.  Regular Chatelet customer Grace spotted this petite chair in the Unfinished Furniture section of the Chatlelet website. She thought it would look great in her dressing room, but only after it had been given the Chatelet treatment.

Grace requested the legs of the chair to be painted white and wanted a slipcover to be sewn up in a blue grey linen. I found the perfect linen at Designer Fabrics  for $24.99 per yard. I had my superstar sewer preshrink the fabric and make a fitted slipcover with a short ruffled skirt. The result is a pretty little chair that can cozy up any small nook in the house.

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BOOK REVIEW – Romantic Style

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Homeowner Zendia Chow felt like she was living in limbo in her Oakville home, paralyzed by indecision on furniture placement and accessories choices for her living room, dining room and tea room. So she enlisted me to help make her house feel more liveable. Armed with a budget of $1500 (not including window treatments) and the keys to her house, I went in with my helper Sarah for a whirlwind day of rearranging furniture, hanging mirrors and artwork and styling the accessories.
Because of the miniscule budget, I had to be very creative with the items Zendia already had in the house including a surprising amount of nice things in a basement storage room. The fireplace mantle was moved over from the dining room to act as a focal point. The mirror, sconces and side tables were brought up from the basement. Window treatments, installed by Sarah, cozy up the room and the sofa and armchairs are placed to form a conversational grouping. What an improvement!

Sarah and I hung the mirror horizontally along the large wall. Zendia, who is a practitioner of Feng Shui, told me that the mirror must reflect the entire table and be hung no lower than the height of the tallest person living in the house. Out of the buget I made a proper table cloth and added a centrepiece to the table. The lovely display cabinet is placed to act as a bridge between the dining and living areas. I raided the kitchen cupboards for Zendia’s formal dishes to help fill it up.

I helped take this room even further into romantic style territory with the addition of a candle chandelier centered low over the tea table, a ruched toile table cloth and some tea time accessories. The window frame mirror was another basement find. The rug unfortunately did not stay as I could not persuade Zendia to expand her budget to include it. Sarah and I had cleared out by the time Zendia got home from work but she called the next day to thank me and to say she was thrilled. Yeah!
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I’ve said it on the website and I’ll say it again here: I am a flea market junkie. I love the rush of finding beautiful things amongst all the inevitable flea market junk. And I love nothing better than a down and dirty flea market where the prices are inversely proportionate to the amount of mud, dust and junk one has to slog through. This equation makes Mizener’s Flea Market http://mizenersmarket.vpweb.ca/ in Flamborough Ontario one of my all time favorites.

I guarantee you will see the most tacky and pathetic objects you will ever see in your life here, but when you do find something nice I can also guarantee that it will be cheap, cheap, cheap.

The next best thing to the prices at Mizener’s is the Boyz Place Restaurant www.theboyzplacerestaurant.com located in the Big Barn. They serve greasy spoon type breakfasts and lunches and the prices are, you guessed it, cheap. The “Boyz” are always smiling and ready with a joke. They take great pride in their little operation and it shows.

There are roughly 100 vendors spread throughout 7 buildings on the site, each with it’s own character. I always find something in the Big Barn and the Squirrel’s Nest. Here is a photo of one of my finds, a good solid wood secretary crying out to be painted.

I can’t resist posting this picture taken by my 7 year old daughter. It kind of expresses the tone of the place. “I’m dirty, I’m cheap, I’m tacky and I’m lovin’ life!!”


Mizener’s Antique and Flea Market

367 Highway 5 West, Flamboro, ON

Open Sundays 8:00am-4:00pm year round
$2.00 admission per car


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