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Before and After: Customer’s Own Furniture Makeover

Meet Laverne, a childcare worker who works near Chatelet in the Weston Rd. and Eglington area. When she popped into my new Mount Dennis store shortly after it opened she was excited to learn that  Chatelet can take customer’s own furniture pieces and give them new life with paint and new hardware.


Laverne knew right away that she had two pieces at home that could benefit from the Chatelet treatment, a desk and a small wardrobe cabinet that she purchased from an antique shop over 20 years ago. After dutifully serving their purpose in many different rooms and ways over the years, she thought the best use for the furniture now would be in her 11 year old daughter’s room, prettied up with white paint and blingy glass pulls.laverne after 2We sprayed the pieces in our onsite paint facility with our go-to white, Benjamin Moore’s Oxford white. The existing broken and missing handles were removed, holes were filled and sanded, new holes were drilled and shiny, new, glass and chrome pulls were installed.


Laverne and I both agree that this is the best incarnation yet for her tired, old furniture pieces. (She had even thought about putting the wardrobe out on the curb more than once but couldn’t quite do it.) It looks like the desk and wardrobe will continue being used and loved for yet another 20 years!laverne beforeThese are the pieces in their “Before” condition.

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