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Flea Market Tales – West Palm Beach Antiques Festival


The West Palm Beach Antiques Festival is a monthly flea market held at the South Florida Fairgrounds. But every February they run a “February Spectacular” show where the show quadruples in size to about 600 vendors. I just happened to be in town when it was on so I decided to check it out.34

I’m not going to rave about this show like I usually do about the flea markets I frequent as there were both good and bad elements to it. The bad was that I found most vendor’s merchandise overpriced and there were way too many booths selling jewelery and collectibles for my liking. The good was that you got to look at antiques in your sundress in the middle of winter against a backdrop of palm trees!1

If you ever find yourself able to attend this show, here is a tip. Don’t bother with the 9am-12pm early bird entry on Friday. There is no need to pay the “First Pick” admission fee of $25 (like I did) instead of the regular $10 admission that begins at noon as a lot of the vendors were not set up yet and there was no real rush at the gate.5

Here is a gratuitous shot of a Brussel’s Griffon dog belonging to one of the vendors. You can’t tell from the photo but, at 3 1/2 pounds, she is the smallest Griffon I have ever seen (including my dear departed Mona).28

Ultimately I did find a few things that I can work with for my store but I had to walk a lot and look really hard for them.


Show Info

West Palm Beach Antiques Festival

South Florida Fairgrounds

9067 Southern Blvd. WPB, FL


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