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Antique settee with threadbare tapestry

Sale price$549.00

There's a part of me that loves the tattered and torn look of the tapestry on this antique settee and hopes that someone would leave it "As Is". The carving is exquisite and the frame is in great shape. However, if you would like to have it reupholsered or both painted and reupholstered, those are options as well.

Dimensions: 58" wide x 31" deep x 38" high

As is: $549 / Reupholster only: $1,095 / Paint & reupholster: $1,295

The Process: If you decide you would like us to finish the piece, go ahead and purchase it from the site. This will act as a deposit. Then you will need to reach out to us by phone or email to discuss the colour, upholstery fabric, hardware and all the details of how you would like your piece finished. Once the piece is ready for pick up or delivery, you can pay the balance.

Our Colours: Our standard colours include Oxford White, White Down, Metropolitan, Amherst Grey, Black and Wrought Iron. Custom colours can be accommodated for an upcharge of $50

Our Paints: We use Benjamin Moore® ADVANCE® paints in a pearl finish. ADVANCE premium quality paint is a low VOC interior paint that gives furniture a hard, durable finish once cured. We recommend a pearl finish because it's not too shiny like a gloss, but is more wipeable than a matte finish. 

Our Finishes: Châtelet's painted furniture is sprayed using a compressor and a spray gun. We give all our pieces a light sanding, one coat of primer and two coats of Benjamin Moore ADVANCE paint. We don't offer faux finishes but we can provide a distressed finish. To create a distressed finish, we sand the edges and details of the piece to give it a more rustic, antique look.

Upholstery Options: The "Done" price includes reupholstering using fabrics up to $20 per yard. If you decide to provide your own fabric, there may be a discount off the piece at the discretion of Chatelet.


Antique settee with threadbare tapestry
Antique settee with threadbare tapestry Sale price$549.00