Châtelet Side Table with Storage Box


This is a bit of an oddball piece. The top of the cabinet flips up and has storage in it and there is a shallow drawer on the bottom. We envision this as the perfect piece to tuck your knitting, needlework or craft projects into.

Dimensions are 21" wide x 12 1/2" deep x 26" high.

As is $139 / Done $219

Custom Painting

Châtelet uses high quality Benjamin Moore® ADVANCE® paints in a pearl finish. ADVANCE premium quality paint is a low VOC interior paint that gives furniture a hard, durable finish once cured. We recommend a pearl finish because it's similar to a satin finish but not too shiny and more wipeable than a matte finish. 

Châtelet custom painted furniture is sprayed using a compressor and a spray gun. We give all pieces a light sanding, one coat of primer and two coats of Benjamin Moore ADVANCE paint. We don't offer faux finishes but we can provide a distressed finish. To create a distressed finish, we sand the edges and details of the piece to give it a more rustic, antique look.

Our standard colours include Oxford White, White Down, Metropolitan, Amherst, and Wrought Iron. For custom colours, we will reach out to discuss your design once you place your order.

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